Make More Money: Sell by Consigning Your Awesome Styles!

Utah's Most Awesome Consignment Store Earns You The Most Cash When You Sell!

Got cool outfits gathering dust? Time to sell and sparkle at iconoCLAD, right here in Salt Lake City! We’re your go-to for selling men’s and women’s fashion, accessories, and those shoes you love but don’t wear- all on consignment so you make more! If your style’s bold, unique, or downright funky, you’re our kind of seller.

With us, you snag 50% of your sale—imagine turning those $100 Doc Martens into a cool $50 in your pocket, not just a forgettable $15 you might get from somewhere that pays upfront. Most items sell in the first few week so you maximize what you earn in no time!

Current clothing styles are great and we also crave the weird and eclectic clothing other shops don’t.  Show us what you’ve got from Demonia, Urban Outfitters, Patagonia, Doc Martens,  Champion, and watch your pre-loved pieces find new life.

Dive into the selling fun at iconoCLAD! It’s not just profitable—it’s a total blast. Be part of Salt Lake City’s stylish, sustainable circle. Ready to sell, earn, and join the iconoCLAD family? 

How Selling on Consignment Works

Transform your wardrobe and contribute to a sustainable fashion cycle with iconoCLAD in Salt Lake City! Start by bringing in your gently used clothing, footwear, and accessories. Setting up an account with us is seamless, and from there, we’ll guide you through our consignment process. Our team is dedicated to transparency—we’ll show you exactly what we’re looking for and provide honest feedback. If some pieces don’t align with our current needs, we’re happy to suggest alternative resale shops that might be a better fit. Our priority is always to support our consignors in the best way possible!

If there are items we can’t take on consignment, you have the option to take them back or leave them with us to donate to local non-profits like The Otherside Academy, contributing to a meaningful cause. When pricing your items, we consider various factors such as seasonality, style, condition, and current market trends to ensure you get the most value from your consigned pieces. Our goal at iconoCLAD is to maximize your earnings and extend the life of your pre-loved items, fostering a community-centric approach to fashion resale. You’ll be able to check your account online and we what we owe you! Wow!

Start selling your clothing with iconoCLAD and get $5 in your account

Check Your Consignor Account & See How Much You Made on Your Pre-Rocked Clothes!

Once you start selling at iconoCLAD, you are able to check your account online and see how much you are making while you recycle your style! Each location has a different login, you just need your name and consignor number.  You can see which of your used clothes, footwear, & accessories have sold and how much we owe you! 

You can cash out in person at the Salt Lake City, Utah location you have a balance at, spend it as store credit for your next new favorite clothing, or have us Paypal you! You are our business partner when you sell clothing at iconoCLAD and we make it as transparent of a process as possible.

Cat Church, the waiting area for selling stylish, pre-loved clothing at iconoCLAD, Salt Lake City's top consignment shop for earning cash.

Consignment Essentials at iconoCLAD: Simplifying Your Experience

At iconoCLAD, we’re dedicated to making your consignment process as straightforward and enjoyable as possible. To ensure a seamless experience for everyone—our team, our beloved shop cats, and you, our valued consignors—we’ve established a few simple guidelines focused on health, safety, and efficiency.

Preparation is Key: Please ensure all clothing is freshly WASHED and free from pet hair before consignment. To help us maintain organization, kindly fold your items neatly and place them in a structured container, such as a hamper, box, or bin.

One Container Policy: To manage our intake efficiently, we ask that you bring only ONE CONTAINER per consignment session. Planning to bring more? A quick call ahead allows us to confirm our current capacity to accommodate additional items.

Direct to Consignment Desk: Upon arrival, please head straight to the consignment desk with your items. Our friendly staff will be ready to assist you.

Consignment Duration: Typically, items are showcased in our store for about 2.5 to 3 months, giving them ample time to find their new owners. However, we’re happy to report that the vast majority of items sell in the first few weeks.

Early Item Collection: Should you need to retrieve a significant number of items before the end of the consignment period, please be aware that iconoCLAD may withhold the buyer’s fee for EACH ITEM. This policy compensates for the resources allocated to handling your items.

Got Questions? We're here to help! Don't hesitate to give us a call for any inquiries or clarifications about consigning with iconoCLAD. Let's work together to keep Salt Lake City stylish and sustainable.

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