Sell Your Pre-rocked Clothes and Accessories!

Have clothes you haven’t touched in months? Need to make room for some new fits?

At iconoCLAD, we welcome your previously owned men’s and women’s clothing! Don’t be afraid to bring in your most unique pieces; we dig that stuff!

We can give more for in-season items, but we are always happy to explore vintage clothing and distinctive secondhand pieces any time of the year. We also have a range of well-known brands such as Demonia, Urban Outfitters, Patagonia, Doc Martens, and Champion that we love to have in our inventory.

How Does It Work?

Bring your previously rocked items, create an account, and let us handle the rest. Our team will select the pieces that are suitable for sale in our store. You can take back the items we didn’t select, or you can leave them for us to donate them to local non-profits like The Otherside Academy.

Check Your Consignor Account

We will create a profile for you during your first consignment session that you will use for future visits. Once created, you’ll be able to track your items and see their listed price. When your items sell and your balance becomes available, you can stop by the store and redeem your balance in either cash or credit — either way, you’ll get the same amount.

Consignment Requirements and Procedures

We want to make your consignment experience as easy as possible, but we also have some house rules in place for the health and safety of our employees — both human and feline.
Most items are in the store for approximately two and a half to three months.
EARLY ITEM COLLECTION DISCLAIMER: If you choose to collect a significant quantity of items before the consignment period ends, iconoCLAD reserves the right to withhold the buyer’s fee for EACH ITEM as compensation for the time spent handling these items.

Have Questions? Shoot Us a Call!