About Us

Our Team

Our staff here at iconoCLAD is a group of fun-loving, friendly, goofy individuals with passionate support and participation in the LGBTQ+, festival, and alternative communities. We love seeing our friends and customers at local events and festivals and are always eager to connect with and assist customers in finding the perfect gear. Our goal is to provide everyone a welcoming, safe, and open environment.

We are deeply involved in the LGBTQ+ community, from attending Pride, supporting fundraisers, and with many of us being part of the community ourselves. iconoCLAD enjoys maintaining an inclusive atmosphere for anyone who needs a safe space to express themselves and explore their identities.

Inclusivity does not cease at the queer community. We find it extremely important to be conscious of accessibility; we prioritize a comfortable experience for all customers and have ADA-compliant dressing rooms and front door access. Access for all is very important to us.

As a small business, we do much more than just help people find the perfect fit. We all contribute to and are involved in running iconoCLAD, and everyones’ voices matter. Behind the scenes, we are working very hard to maintain a clean environment for you to enjoy. There is no hired cleaning service; it’s all us! Everyone here is passionate about the shop and knows the nitty gritty is all a part of our love for it.

Our staff and feline family welcome you to join us in our home away from home.

Always remember to Keep SLC Weird.

With love, the iconoCLAD humans and shop cats!

Meet The iconoCLAD Cats


The old man of the group was adopted through CAWS and loves belly rubs, snacks, and long naps on the beach. Bugsy is not shy about doing his loud grunty meow at you from halfway across the store to let you know that you need to come over to him and that he’s ready for attention. Look for him and Lola to be shaved like lions in the summer months.


We still love to sneak up on her, scoop her up, and give her all the love and attention, much to her dismay. She also has no teeth, so she’s our little gummy bear. If you get her really excited, she’ll give you a love bite that we call the “moist clamp.” Yeah, it feels weird, but we love it!


She loves aggressive butt pats, and when you play the bongos on her. Nothing delights her more than breakfast in bed, so if you could just move the food bowl a little closer to her cat bed on the countertop, that would be lovely. “Feed me and tell me I’m pretty!” – Probably Lennox.


Garf was found by a family in rural NW Utah with his brother Simon. He has unlimited hair, unlimited love, and even likes being carried around by rowdy kids. If he flops on his back and looks at you, you best rub that belly! And don’t be surprised when you bend down to pet him that he traps you on the floor until all your friends yell, “We need to go!”