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Our Team & Shop Cats

Welcome to iconoCLAD, Utah’s most awarded clothing store, where our passion for thrifting, vintage, festival clothing, rave attire, and streetwear unites a vibrant, inclusive community. With two convenient locations in Salt Lake City, we’re proud to serve men, women, and individuals across the gender spectrum with a diverse array of fashion choices. Our downtown Salt Lake City location boasts a spacious parking lot, ensuring a hassle-free visit for all our customers. Just five minutes away, our newly established State Street location offers an even larger parking area, meticulously designed for easy accessibility. We’ve invested significant effort into making our State Street venue not only accessible but welcoming to everyone, emphasizing our commitment to inclusivity and convenience.

At iconoCLAD, our friendly, fun-loving team is deeply embedded in the LGBTQ+, festival, and alternative communities, actively participating in local events and fostering a safe, open environment for self-expression and identity exploration. Whether you’re searching for unique thrifting finds, timeless vintage pieces, vibrant festival clothing, cutting-edge rave gear, or stylish streetwear, our doors are open to all. We take pride in being a part of the community, offering ADA-compliant dressing rooms and accessible entry at both locations, ensuring a comfortable and welcoming shopping experience for every customer.

Experience the iconoCLAD difference at either of our Salt Lake City locations, where fashion meets sustainability, inclusivity, and accessibility. Join us in celebrating diversity and individuality, and find your perfect fit within Utah’s most awarded, community-focused clothing store.

iconoCLAD team celebrating our awards for Best Boutique and Best Thrift/Consignment Store in Utah,

At iconoCLAD, a cherished cornerstone of Salt Lake City’s thriving thrift, vintage, and alternative fashion scene, we’re more than just a small business helping you discover the perfect fit in festival wear, rave outfits, streetwear, and unique clothing options for all gender identities. Here, our dedicated team, deeply invested in the LGBTQ+, festival, and alternative communities, plays a crucial role in the heart and soul of iconoCLAD, ensuring every voice is heard and valued.

Our diverse staff, alongside our beloved shop cats, invites you to experience the warmth and inclusivity of our home away from home. We’re not just a store; we’re a destination where every visit is an opportunity to explore, connect, and celebrate the uniqueness that keeps Salt Lake City weird.

Join us in embracing the iconoCLAD way of life, where passion for fashion, commitment to a clean and welcoming environment, and love for our community come together under one roof.

With love and purrs, the iconoCLAD team and our feline companions.

Comfortable and stylishly decorated iconoCLAD dressing rooms in Salt Lake City,

Meet The iconoCLAD Cats


The old man of the group was adopted through CAWS and loves belly rubs, snacks, and long naps on the beach. Bugsy is not shy about doing his loud grunty meow at you from halfway across the store to let you know that you need to come over to him and that he’s ready for attention. Look for him and Lola to be shaved like lions in the summer months.


We still love to sneak up on her, scoop her up, and give her all the love and attention, much to her dismay. She also has no teeth, so she’s our little gummy bear. If you get her really excited, she’ll give you a love bite that we call the “moist clamp.” Yeah, it feels weird, but we love it!


She loves aggressive butt pats, and when you play the bongos on her. Nothing delights her more than breakfast in bed, so if you could just move the food bowl a little closer to her cat bed on the countertop, that would be lovely. “Feed me and tell me I’m pretty!” – Probably Lennox.


Garf was found by a family in rural NW Utah with his brother Simon. He has unlimited hair, unlimited love, and even likes being carried around by rowdy kids. If he flops on his back and looks at you, you best rub that belly! And don’t be surprised when you bend down to pet him that he traps you on the floor until all your friends yell, “We need to go!”


Simon loves getting pets and snuggling with his brother in their kitty tower, but if he were a human, he’d probably be out breaking car windows and stealing purses. He also loves chirping and staring out the window, fantasizing about murdering the birds in our parking lot.