Green is the New Black: How Your Shopping Spree at iconoCLAD Rocks the Planet!

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What’s Up, Thrift Kings, Queens, & Themperors?!

Get ready to embark on a sustainable style safari at iconoCLAD, Salt Lake City’s treasure trove of thrifted wonders and secondhand gems! We’re not just any consignment store; we’re your eco-chic headquarters, where every purchase is a high-five to Mother Earth. We all know the buzz that finding a unique thrift find can bring and that’s just the beginning of all the benefits. Let’s dive into why scooping up some thrifted goodies from us is like hitting the jackpot for both your wardrobe and the planet.

The Lowdown on Fast Fashion: The Planet’s Party Pooper: Ever thought about where all those once-trendy clothes end up? Spoiler alert: a whole lot of them are partying it up in landfills every year, and trust us, it’s not the fun kind of party. Each year 92,000,000 tons of clothing are ending up in landfills. That’s 15,300,000 African Elephants worth (or 767,000,000,000 bananas for scale because the internet likes that). Also, the carbon emissions from creating and shipping new fashion pieces are like uninvited guests trashing our beautiful planet. The fashion industry contributes significantly to global carbon dioxide emissions. According to research by McKinsey, the sector was responsible for approximately 2.1 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in 2018, which is about 4% of the global total. Yikes!

Banana pilled up in SLC
Approximately 767,000,000,000 bananas piled up in Salt Lake City, as imagined by a robot.

Be a Secondhand Superhero: Here’s where you strut in, decked out in your iconoCLAD finds. Shopping secondhand isn’t just a fashion statement; it’s a heroic act! Each pre-loved piece you snag from our store is a victory dance for the environment. You’re keeping clothes out of landfills and slashing those pesky carbon emissions. Go you! And rest easier knowing that iconoCLAD sources from small companies who care as much as we can.

Why Thrifting at iconoCLAD is the Bee’s Knees:

  1. Eco-Fab Fashion: Strut your stuff knowing you’re rocking the thrifted look like a pro, all while being kind to the planet.
  2. Tiny Carbon Footprints: Every secondhand piece you buy is a step towards a greener world. It’s like eco-friendly confetti for the Earth!
  3. Cash for Your Closet: Resale not only saves the planet but also fills your wallet. When your consigned clothes sell, you keep 50% cash! It’s payday at planet-friendly headquarters!

iconoCLAD: Your Thrift Haven in SLC: As the go-to spot for thrift and resale fashion in Salt Lake City, iconoCLAD is all about spreading joy, one pre-loved item at a time. We’re a carnival of secondhand clothing, where style meets sustainability. And when your clothes find a new home, we celebrate your smart, eco-conscious choices with a well-deserved payday!

Bugsy Cat at Iconoclad store

Ready to join the thrift revolution? At iconoCLAD, every day is a chance to make a difference, deck out in dazzling thrifted finds, and give a nod to Mother Nature. Let’s keep the party rolling and turn the world into a runway of sustainable, affordable, and absolutely fabulous thrift fashion! Become a consignor today and recycle your style!

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